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At Your Mortgage Solutions, we also provide a range of estate planning services to help you protect yours and your dependents future.

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What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the management and disposal of a person’s estate during the person’s life in preparation for a person’s future incapacity or death. Estate planning gives you the most options for you estate down to finer details of how your estate is to be processed.

What is the process of planning your estate?

With estate planning, you really need to seek specialist advice. The options available are vast, and they all do slightly different things. Navigating this is a timely & cost effective manner is extremely difficult and should not be done without specialist advice.

Why use Your Mortgage Solutions?

Here at Your Mortgage Solutions, our estate planners are highly trained, enabling you to get the relevant advice quicker and more cost-effective.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes you can, how we do this is determined by your current set up and your end goal.

Yes, we can. We have various methods we can use to help minimise the amount IHT liability. Which option we recommend will be based on your personal circumstances.

Estate planning is not something that should be left to chance. Planning as early as possible ensures the best possible outcomes for your estate.

Estate planning doesn’t have a set fee as the amount of work involved is based your personal circumstances and the result you want to achieve. As a rule of thumb, we say the costs usually work out to 1-2% of your estates worth.

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