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What is life Insurance?

Life insurance put simply is an insurance policy could that pay out a lump sum in the event a critical illness, or death. Some life insurance policies can protect your income and payout a monthly amount if you have a loss of earnings due to sickness or injury.

Life insurance can be taken out over a varying length of terms and budgets to suit your individual circumstances.

The types of cover we provide.

Life cover

This cover pays out in the event of death or terminal illnesses. This cover usually stems over a long period covering you for a large amount of money in the event of your passing. Selecting the right combination of sum assured (the amount of cover) & term (how long the policy will last) is crucial. Our friendly advisors will be able to help & guide you into the correct policy for you.

Critical illness cover

This cover pays out in the event of you have a critical illness as classed within the providers definitions. All providers have slightly different option when it comes to critical or serious illness cover and the payouts can differ massively. Choosing the correct type of critical illness cover for you is paramount to maximise the likelihood of a successful claim. All of protection advisors are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to critical illness and will be able to guide you into the correct policy. The sum assured & term can all be tailored to fit within your budget.

Income protection

This cover will payout in the event of a loss of earnings due sickness or injury. Like other products available, income protection has many different forms that will cover you for different eventualities. The type of income protection for you will be based on a few factors such as, your current income, contact type and lifestyle. This is the most claimed on policy type on the market so ensuring that the right policy is in place for you is key to successful claims.  

Frequently asked questions.

We have access to a comprehensive range of insurers and work from a comprehensive panel which is representative of the whole of the market.

Yes, we have a wide range of insurance providers that range from guaranteed acceptance policies to fully underwritten policies. Rest assured that whatever the medical history maybe, our experienced advisors will be on hand to help & guide you. 

We do not charge any fees as we will receive a commission payment from the insurance company providing the cover.

Yes, we understand that things change. As & when things change within your personal or financial life, our experienced advisors will be there to help you make the relevant changes to your policy ensuring it is always relevant to you.

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